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CRD White Paper

CRD White Paper featured in October issue of Wateractive magazine.


Composite Flange Range

CRD is proud to announce the launch of our full range of Composite Flanges, up to DN300.


Pipe Skids

CRD has recently completed a large pump skid project, integrating composite components with NAB / alloy parts to great success.


Drinking Water

CRD is proud to have received WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Service) Material approval, and to have passed NSF /BS 6920 testing, meaning that our material is certified for drinking water as per Drinking Water Institute (DWI) standards.

Dosing Line

CRD has developed an innovative composite Vertical dosing line for one of our clients.

Strainer Covers

CRD has developed composite Strainer Covers, reducing health and safety risks for maintenance workers.


Composite Compensator Range

CRD is pleased to announce the launch of our Compensator range DN25 – DN600, available in CRD510, CRD520 and CRD530. ABS and DNV certified.
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Kalsep Header

Project with Kalsep UK Ltd completed

Composite Resin Developments Ltd has just completed a project with Kalsep UK Ltd fabrication headers using FPI GRP wound pipe, pressure tested to 7.5 bar.
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