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Less Cost, Less Weight, Less Corrosion


CRD designs, develops, and delivers innovative engineered composite systems and components through the use of groundbreaking materials and techniques.

We offer a wide range of light-weight, high performing, non-corrosive custom composite solutions including — flanges, impellers, pumps, compensators, valves, fittings, gear boxes and more.

In addition to offering our range of products, we work with our clients to design custom solutions for their worst problems: removing corrosion, lowering weight, greatly extending the life of their products, and in some cases altogether eliminating the need for maintenance.

CRD White Paper: Epoxy Resin, Vinylester, Polyester compared - what’s right for you?

CRD Overview


CRD White Paper

Compensator CRD White Paper featured in October issue of Wateractive magazine.

Composite Flange Range

Compensator CRD is proud to announce the launch of our full range of Composite Flanges, up to DN300.

Pipe Skids

Kalsep Header CRD has recently completed a large pump skid project, integrating composite components with NAB / alloy parts to great success.

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